Why it pays to work with a PR team that understands veganism

At Powered PR, formerly Plant Powered Press, we have years of proven experience in supporting and growing high-profile vegan brands from both Australia and overseas. We are firmly embedded in the global vegan community, and can offer genuine market insights that are an asset to our clients. 

Whether you’re a vegan brand by design – or a mainstream brand looking to cater to the growing plant-based market – it pays to work with a team that has a deep understanding of this category. A standard PR agency may miss many of the nuances that typify the vegan audience, influence our market, or shape our community. Here’s why it pays to work with a PR team that truly understands veganism: 

Understanding the audience

The Powered PR team are active members of many vegan online communities, including forums that are available both in Australia and abroad. We consistently monitor Facebook groups where the vegan community exchanges information, news, and recommendations related to their favourite plant-based brands. 

We are passionate vegans in our day-to-day lives, and this means we are able to genuinely contribute to these online communities. In fact, we often pick-up on customer complaints or gain valuable product feedback that we then relay to our clients – well before any issues emerge into the mainstream market.

Being part of your vegan audience allows us to be familiar with the social media landscape, understand consumer expectations, and provide our clients with a competitive edge. We can offer you authentic insights into what new vegan brands or products are loved and not-so-loved. Best of all, we know what Australian vegans and veg-curious consumers want to see next! 

Take a look at this case study: Naturli’ Foods

Our objective was to provide a strong digital presence for international alternative meat brand, Naturli’ (then branded as Funky Fields in Australia). Ultimately, the purpose of having a successful digital strategy was to mobilise real, everyday Aussie customers towards a purchase decision.

Armed with our unique market insights, the team from Plant Powered Press was able to achieve the following results on behalf our client: 

  • Facebook audience increased by 79% in less than 6 months.
  • Instagram audience increased by 24% in less than 3 months.
  • Daily Post Engagement increased 9 x above average, over a 6-week period!

Reaching the market

As we’re vegans ourselves, the team from Powered PR intricately understands the current plant-based market in Australia. We know who your competitors may be, how your price points will compare, and how each brand’s unique selling points stack up against the next. We’re also incredibly well-versed in the innovation side of the plant-based market, and we can offer unique insights that will help your brand or product to stand out from the crowd. 

When it comes to the Australian vegan market, we just get it. Our team understands the common pain points amongst vegan and veg-curious consumers, and can provide you with real-time feedback to help navigate the current market. We’ve tried and tested the majority of vegan products ourselves – and this goes beyond the plant-based food category. In fact, our expertise extends to include vegan beauty, fashion, health, wellness, leisure and more. We live and breathe the vegan lifestyle every day – so, make our experience your advantage. 

Check out this case study: PlantAsia

Our brief was to create a brand story that would capture the spirit of PlantAsia; a unique vegan range inspired by Asian cuisine. We wanted to position the PlantAsia brand in a manner that would still resonate with Australian consumers, and offer a point of difference for the market.

Fast forward to today, and the team from Plant Powered Press continues to manage a successful brand strategy on behalf of PlantAsia. Each month, we reach tens of thousands of highly engaged Australians via Facebook and Instagram, and the PlantAsia brand holds a unique, unrivalled place in the mind of everyday consumers.

Connecting with the community

We’re proud to partner with renowned thought leaders in the vegan community. At Powered PR, we consistently collaborate with key Australian influencers who are prominent in the plant-based space, and have the power to shape consumer opinion.

For example, we’ve recently partnered with best-selling vegan author Cherie Tu (@thrivingonplants), former Victoria’s Secret Angel Bridget Malcolm (@bridgetmalcolm) and Olympic champion Morgan Mitchell, who also featured in The Gamechangers documentary on Netflix. (@morganmitch). 

We also maintain rapport with an extensive network of Australian journalists in mainstream media. Our team takes relationship-building seriously, and we know exactly which journalists are most open to receiving content about the vegan movement and new plant-based products. This allows us to help you share your story with a highly engaged mainstream audience.

In essence, being vegans ourselves means that we are so embedded in this community that we know how to best position your brand – to give it as much community exposure as possible. We’re also well-versed in the unique language and terminology associated with the plant-based space, so that we can give you the credibility you need to appeal to modern Australian vegans.

Find out what the client said: Million Dollar Vegan

“Through her work, Jessica demonstrated her knowledge and understanding of plant-based communities, trends, and lifestyle interests, and was able to grow our online community in a way that only someone who is an active part of that community could.” – Naomi Hallum, Managing Director, Million Dollar Vegan (USA)

Why waste time with a PR agency that doesn’t understand how to best position your vegan products, services or brand? At Powered PR, we are experienced journalists, publicists and community managers. We’ve been around since 2018 and we love what we do. 

We will work with you to devise a best-practice PR strategy that is relevant to your brand, and can provide a tailored range of services that will empower you to successfully connect with your target market. We’re a purpose-led agency, and it’s our mission to use our professional skill set to support the growth of Australia’s plant-based community.

If you want your brand to thrive in the Australian plant-based space, you need a team that understands veganism first-hand. Ready to grow your brand together? Contact us here to book in a free 30-minute chat with our team today!

AUTHOR: Nicole Odviar

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