CASE STUDY: Get Plant’d, Brand Awareness.

The team from Powered PR (formerly Plant Powered Press) was tasked with generating brand awareness for newcomer Get Plant’d, a range of vegan meats making its debut at Coles stores nationwide. Our team used a threefold strategy to build and maintain brand awareness for this innovative range, especially at its critical launch stage.

The Brief

To help Get Plant’d land on the right foot, we proposed and implemented a three-point marketing and communications strategy. Our plan focused on building a strong social media community; leveraging influencer marketing; and securing high-value publicity exposure for Get Plant’d in mainstream news outlets.

The Strategy

  1. social media community can be described as an online hub where users share common interests, beliefs, and behaviours. Nurturing authentic social media communities is crucial to promoting engagement, boosting brand visibility, and offering product education. Community building is a cost-effective strategy that emphasises organic engagement rather than paid advertising alone.Our goal was to raise a thriving social media community for Get Plant’d. On both Facebook and Instagram, customers are encouraged to become active brand advocates who create user-generated content promoting Get Plant’d products. Every day, Get Plant’d is tagged in numerous customer photos, videos, and stories that feature the range. Ultimately, building a strong online community for Get Plant’d will help to attract new customers and inspire long-term brand trust.

  2. We have also used influencer marketing to promote the Get Plant’d range. Our team liaises with influencers who match the distinct brand personality that Get Plant’d exhibits. We collaborate with both micro-influencers (audiences <10K) and macro-influencers (audiences >10K) on behalf of the brand. Influencer marketing is a collaborative strategy that leverages brand endorsements from influencers, and it can be described as today’s version of traditional word-of-mouth recommendations.

  3. Finally, we maintain an active approach to publicity and media relations on behalf of Get Plant’d. It’s our goal to unlock access to high-value mainstream media audiences. We understand that good publicity can be even more convincing and effective than paid advertising, and to date we have helped Get Plant’d to appear in prominent news outlets such as YAHOO, NOURISH, VEGCONOMIST, INSIDE FMCG, RETAIL WORLD, and others.


Get Plant’d continues to harness its position as an instantly recognisable vegan food brand. Our team is proud to continue supporting this innovative brand to increase brand awareness and develop long-lasting brand loyalty amongst Australian consumers.

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