CASE STUDY: Tofurky, Social media strategy.

The team from Powered PR​ was asked to provide social media management services for America’s leading alternative meat brand — Tofurky.

The Brief

The team from Powered PR, formerly Plant Powered Press,​ was asked to provide social media management services for America’s leading alternative meat brand — Tofurky.  

Our objective was to promote Tofurky in the Australian market, to educate local consumers about the brand’s unique selling proposition, and to grow a highly engaged Facebook audience on behalf of the brand.

The Strategy

Our team was able to leverage Tofurky’s existing brand assets, in order to develop effective Facebook posts that were tailored towards the Australian market. Our team also used the following strategies to grow the Facebook audience and improve user engagement:

  • ​Maintaining an up-to-date content calendar depicting key events such as World Vegan Day, World Vegetarian Day, AFL Grand Final Day, and other promotional opportunities.
  • Integrating a strategic mix of branded content and user-generated content.
  • Researching, developing and implementing paid ad strategies through the use of Boosted Posts and Facebook Like-driving campaigns.
  • Producing a unique Q&A video series with Tofurky founder, Seth Tibbott, that was made especially for Australian customers.
  • Monitoring vegan and vegetarian Facebook groups based in Australia — to proactively seek out product feedback and gain direct market insights.
  • Providing comprehensive customer service support via Facebook — including complaints handling, stock inquiries, and product FAQs.
  • Tracking monthly analytics such as Page Likes & Engagement Rates, in order to identify and harness opportunities for future growth.


As a result of these strategies, the Tofurky Facebook audience grew by 420% in just 12 months. Our number of Daily Engaged Users doubled throughout the same period!

We were very pleased to develop a positive working relationship with Tofurky USA. This relationship also helped Tofurky to successfully maintain brand continuity across multinational markets.


“Jessica has been a major asset to Tofurky, starting the Tofurky Australia Facebook page and increasing our average daily reach by 420% over the last year and doubling our engaged users. She additionally went above and beyond to create a video to highlight our Founder and the Tofurky story. We are very pleased with her work and major contributions to Tofurky in the digital landscape!”

– Natasha Raines, Content Development Manager, Tofurky (USA)

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