We predict 7 major graphic design trends

Design both shapes and reflects the way we see the world, and it’s constantly changing. After a tumultuous couple of years, brands are taking even more care to ensure the way they connect with customers is effective and engaging.

To help start 2022 on a fresh and contemporary note, our experts have put together a list of seven major graphic design trends we believe will influence the world around us next year:

Rewind to Retro Serif Fonts

While sans serif is widely known as the more modern type choice, we think its traditional counterpart will make a comeback throughout 2022. Those embellished ends evoke nostalgia and class, make for legibility in body text, and offer creative possibilities for display text.

This opens up the door for so many funky, retro typefaces and illustrative styles of font that make for beautiful decorative design. The era of the 80’s is just such a beautiful reference point for designers which is why those retro serif fonts will be back and better than ever!

Indulge in Vibrant Colour

Last year we predicted muted colours, this year we’re going BRIGHT! Pantone unveiled their trend report and it’s full of poppy pastels and juicy tones.

With a palette like this one picked to influence all things visual next year, it will be easy to grab the attention of your audience and tantalise them with colours that jump off the screen with flavour and vibrancy.

Focus on Social Movements and Inclusivity

The past few years has seen a positive increase in representation and diversity, along with a shift towards more conscious consumerism. We believe this change for the better will only continue throughout 2022. With global movements like #BLM and #SchoolStrikeForClimate, more brands are aligning themselves with social causes they want to support.

Greater representation of people from different cultural backgrounds and people with disability has also resonated with consumers worldwide. A focus on inclusion and authenticity makes brands more relatable, and gives consumers more incentive to align with their message.

Evoke Humour with Branded Memes

There’s no denying the impact of ‘memes’. Whether it’s integrating a pop culture reference or trending topic, this style of content can be applied to support the content of any brand, and to add a level of relatable humour.

It’s always a smart move to keep with the times so it makes sense for brands to integrate branded memes into their content. In doing so their marketing strategies will be simultaneously appealing to their target markets, entertaining their consumers, and promoting their products.

Take Inspiration from Nature

A celebration of nature will continue to lead design trends in 2022. Subtle foliage shadows on mock-ups, eye-dropped colour palettes from bouquets, and patterns mimicking nature are only growing in popularity.

This Instagram post featuring one of our beautiful clients, Plant Baked, is a perfect example of this. Using natural shadows to give more depth is a perfect way to liven up your designs:

Integrate Video Content and Stories

With TikTok becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, it makes sense that video content will be one of the main strategies for marketing in 2022. Facebook and Instagram have been steering this way for quite some time now as well – with their algorithms favouring videos and reels more than static content.

There are many simple, creative ways to add design elements to your videos to make them stand out while also keeping them consistent with your aesthetic and brand, such as colour, font choice for captions, and on-screen graphics.

Embrace Simple Infographics

Minimalism isn’t going away any time soon and presenting information in a clear and concise way in a world where we consume so much is more important than ever. Using cute, simple icons and minimalistic graphs is a great way to present the data relating to your brand in a clean and beautiful way across your social channels and websites.

Consumers are searching for connection more so than ever which is why we think these trends will set the standard for graphic design in 2022. Being mindful of social movements on inclusivity, staying relevant with branded meme content and getting on the TikTok/reels bandwagon are all trends that are going to be super beneficial to your growth, and implementing visual choices such as colour, font and style will keep you looking fresh and modern.

If you’re looking for a new design direction to help support your brand’s growth, our team can help. Get in touch with Powered PR today!

AUTHOR: Amy Flanagan

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