How to craft cohesive social media content

It’s no secret that social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and celebrate your unique brand story. However, with the volume of content required to satisfy today’s insatiable appetite for social media content, it can be a challenge to ensure that every post feels cohesive and correlates with the next.

The good news is that with an impactful brand aesthetic under your belt, you should have all the tools you need to maintain a coherent presence on social media. Let’s break it down:

Understanding Your Brand

To understand how to convey your business digitally, you should first consider your existing brand collateral. If a graphic designer provided you with a Style Guide or Brand Package during your business start-up phase, this is a valuable resource to begin brainstorming ideas with.

A Style Guide should outline brand fonts, primary colours, complementary palettes, and photography recommendations, all based on a clear brand vision. Use your Style Guide as a reference to inspire new ideas that can help form your social media content.

For example, are there shapes and patterns in your existing brand you can use for infographics or text posts? Is there a colour palette you can use to theme your content, e.g. pastel / white, bright / vibrant, muted / monochrome? What mood does your brand strive to convey? How do you want customers to feel when they visit your social media channels?

If you determine that your current brand isn’t fully thought out – or isn’t an up-to-date reflection of your business today – it may be wise to consider a visual refresh or revamp. After all, a strong brand is everything.

Thinking Bigger

Once you’ve considered which elements of the brand can be translated into social media content, you can start to think about what your Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest feeds will look like as a whole. It’s wise to consider how each new post will correlate with your entire newsfeed.

Ask yourself, how does one post relate to others around it? Is there consistency when it comes to photography or graphic elements? Are you using a matching filter on each new photo? Is the messaging congruent?

There are many inspiring Instagram feed planner ideas that can offer structure for your newsfeed. For example, you may choose to theme content row by row, opt for colour blocking, or maintain a more artistic ‘scrapbook’ style.

You may even prefer to group posts by their content ‘type.’ Customer testimonials, product specifications, educational posts, professional photography, customer generated imagery, videos, and GIFs are all examples of distinct content ‘types’ that can be curated to achieve a coordinated look and feel. The choice is yours, but whatever you prefer, keep the editorial approach constant.

YUMM! Confectionery

An example of a brand that effectively honed their social media presence is YUMM Confectionery. YUMM is a unique social enterprise that uses chocolate as a vehicle to prompt meaningful conversations about mental health in Aussie workplaces, schools, and community organisations. Their mission is a valuable and important one – and a dark chocolate YUMM product suitable for vegans is also in the works!

YUMM sought our expertise to help bring consistency and cohesion to their social media strategy. The team’s goal was to communicate more directly and effectively with their target audience online. YUMM already had a really fun and dynamic brand behind them, but weren’t using their visual assets in the best way possible. Let’s take a look at this example:

First, let’s consider the use of colour. YUMM’s primary colour is a bold, vibrant orange, however their packaging also offers a variety of vivid, complementary palettes. It’s important to remember that just because there is a primary colour in your brand, it doesn’t mean you have to use the one tone for everything. Looking at YUMM’s earlier Instagram content we can see an oversaturation of their core orange colour, along with photography that was visually less consistent.

Today, YUMM’s social media content offers a completely different user experience. With our help, the brand now uses complementary palettes and colour blocking to convey complex ideas. The team uses visual layers and shapes – inspired by YUMM’s packaging – to break up their newsfeed and allow areas for text to breathe.

Their photography aligns to a neutral, high contrast tone with a familiar mood. Our team was able to support YUMM with building a photo library, that made planning and scheduling social media content a much easier process. Looking at their newsfeed, it’s apparent that legibility of text has also been improved through the integration of dynamic font choices.

Overall, the result has been a higher level of user reach and engagement, along with several high-profile influencer partnerships that have boosted YUMM’s social media presence and credibility.

YUMM’s IG Feed After
YUMM’s IG Feed Before

The Feed You Need

At the end of the day, you should know your brand better than anyone else. You want to ‘wow’ people when they visit your social media channels, and there’s a myriad of ways to achieve this, while remaining true to your brand.

Take some time to do your research. Find other brands that have accomplished the result you’re striving for and unpack what steps they’ve taken. From there, you’ll understand what makes social media content particularly successful or strong, and you can apply this knowledge to your own production processes.

With an impactful brand aesthetic under your belt, you’ll have all the tools you need to craft a cohesive presence on social media. A strong brand is everything. Contact the expert team at Powered PR for more information and ideas today.

AUTHOR: Amy Flanagan

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