How can influencer marketing work for you?

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. That figure is particularly impressive when we consider that modern consumers are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every single day. 

What could your brand achieve if it was able to cut through the noise? ‘Influencer marketing’ makes this possible, and it’s become today’s answer to traditional word of mouth recommendations.

What is influencer marketing?

Put simply, influencer marketing is a collaborative strategy that leverages endorsements from influencers. These ‘influencers’ may be individuals or organisations who are recognised as having a level of authority and social impact with a given audience. 

No matter what industry your brand is part of, there are individuals or groups already considered leaders in the field. Influencers aren’t just bloggers or writers – they can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and even TikTok. Leveraging an influencers’ profile can help your brand gain exposure to a highly engaged audience; will promote greater brand awareness; and can offer credibility. 

Partnering with an influencer also means your brand will receive unique content (such as images, videos, or reviews) that promotes your products or services. Influencers are highly skilled content creators, and they understand what appeals to their audience (your target market!)

In essence, influencer marketing has the same effect on consumers as traditional word of mouth recommendations. When audiences feel emotionally connected to an influencer, they trust their endorsements and are more likely to make a purchase decision.

What does an influencer campaign involve?

One of the most common misconceptions is that influencer marketing simply involves giving away freebies (samples of your products or services,) in exchange for free coverage. The reality is there’s a lot more involved if you want your influencer marketing campaign to be successful. 

The first step is to choose the right influencers to partner with. This involves looking beyond ‘vanity metrics’ such as audience size or number of posts. At Powered PR, formerly Plant Powered Press, we delve into more detailed analytics, including engagement rates, audience demographics and even online sentiment.

The second step is choosing influencers who align with your brand strategy. Factors such as the influencer’s content look and feel, relevance and resonance amongst your target market, along with any other previous collaborations with competitor brands may be considered at this stage.

The third step is determining your budget for influencer marketing. ‘Macro-influencers’ are perfect for brands looking for large-scale exposure to a mass audience, but these influencers will require payment and talent fees. In contrast, ‘micro-influencers’ are often happy to collaborate in exchange for a ‘contra’ deal. 

Whilst micro influencers have a smaller or more niche audience – they may in fact demonstrate higher rates of engagement that can benefit your brand. It’s also worth noting that many influencers are now represented by talent agencies, which can add a layer of complexity to negotiations.


‘Mega-influencers’ have more than 1m followers.

‘Macro-influencers’ have 10k – 1m followers.

‘Micro-influencers’ have less than 10k followers.

How do I ensure my campaign is successful?

Influencer marketing is most successful when campaigns are authentic and emotionally engaging (remember, influencers should be perceived as a friend your audience trusts a recommendation from!) An overly scripted campaign that deviates too far from an influencer’s typical content diminishes that authenticity.

At Powered PR, we believe the most effective campaigns happen when influencers are able to maintain a level of creative freedom that genuinely connects with their audience. To help strike a balance between creative freedom and commercial objectives, we formalise your influencer marketing strategy to ensure it’s delivered smoothly and successfully. 

We will negotiate with influencers and their agents to organise a beneficial deal for your brand. We will establish agreed campaign goals and set measurable KPIs. Even more importantly, we will draft ‘content agreements’ that clearly outline your brand’s features and benefits for each influencer to accurately convey to their audience. Finally, we will use real-time analytics and social listening to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. 

The team from Powered PR has worked with numerous high-profile influencers in the vegan community, including Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell and Victoria’s Secret Angel Bridget Malcolm. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your influencer marketing campaign delivers real results for your business. 

When used correctly, influencer marketing is an extremely powerful and cost-effective tool for your brand. Contact the team from Powered PR to find out more today!

AUTHOR: Jessica Cotton


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