Emerging trends in packaging design

If COVID-19 lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that retail therapy really does have some merit. Awaiting your next delivery to arrive, opening up that parcel, and laying eyes on your latest purchase can offer a little kick of happiness to get you through the day.

With the constant transformation of the way products are consumed, here’s 3 design trends every business owner should consider to enhance your packaging design, and set your brand apart from competitors in the increasingly voracious ecommerce market:

Simple, Eye-Catching Design

For many of us, shopping online has become our ‘new normal’ throughout the pandemic. If you weren’t perusing the net for all your goods before the outbreak, there’s no doubt you’ve explored the world of online shopping since.

If you’re a business owner wanting your brand to stand out in the increasingly crowded online retail market, it’s important to know the design of your packaging will play a big part in grabbing the attention of shoppers. This is especially true when you consider that your product will usually be displayed online as a thumbnail size.

We recommend using clear type, bold colours, and succinct messaging in all your packaging design choices. Standing out from the crowd while effectively conveying your message in a mass of competitors is no easy feat. Here’s an example of prominent, eye-catching design at work:

Boxed Water Is Better maintains a clean, bold approach to packaging, which differentiates it from other bottled water brands. (As an added bonus, only sustainable materials are used!)

Shareworthy Unboxing Ability

It’s also becoming more important to consider the experience that your customer will have when opening and seeing their purchase for the first time. In the same way that opening a birthday present evokes feelings of excitement and love, you can invoke these emotions in your customers by providing your product with an unboxing experience worth filming and sharing. (Hello, Tik Tok and Insta!)

The unboxing is sometimes a marketing tactic that brands overlook. Having customers share their experience with your products is the most genuine and free marketing at it’s finest! Opt for packaging that presents your product in its best possible light, from the very first moment it’s unwrapped. Take a look at the example below:

Vegan cosmetics company, Saint Jane, makes a striking impression from the moment a customer lifts the lid on their latest purchase.

Awakening the Senses

So we’ve covered the effects of sight and touch in the previous point, but what about the other senses? That crackle of tissue paper, the taste of a complimentary vegan chocolate that arrived with your order, or the scent of sandalwood that escapes the box once the seal is broken…

These multi-sensory strategies make a shopping experience with you not only unique, but memorable. Associating your product brand with a scent is particularly effective because the sense of smell taps into memory.

Leveraging this enhances your brand identity and solidifies their encounter in a pleasant and decadent manner. We’re betting that scent becomes a major trend in packaging design moving forward.

Crampless Tea combines taste, scent, sight, and touch to make their product irresistible.

Parting thoughts

At the end of the day, your packaging is the vessel for your product to reach your consumer. It’s important to examine how you can use design to stand out from your competitors, provide your buyers with an experience worth sharing, and awaken their senses to solidify your brand in their shopping endeavours. The good thing is, there are a million creative ways to accomplish these in your packaging choices.

For more information, speak to the experts. Powered PR can provide end-to-end design solutions to help make your creative business goals a reality. Contact us today!

AUTHOR: Amy Flanagan

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