3 reasons why thoughtful logo design matters

Ah yes, logo design. Just about every crash course on the topic will have you immediately thinking of the established icons of logo design – Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, and the like. In fact, it’s probably safe to say if you’re reading this, you already understand that established brands are often well and truly ahead of the game when it comes to great logo design.

Corporate giant or not, logo design should be more than just an afterthought. In fact, if there’s anything we can learn from that unfortunate logo design that sparked a fiasco of online criticism and mockery recently, it’s that bad logo design can make just as much of a statement. (Albeit, not in the way one might hope.)

Let’s talk about 3 reasons why thoughtful logo design matters:

To establish your brand identity

First impressions are everything, and in a world where advertising has made its way into just about any form of media you can think of, you sometimes only have a few seconds to capture your target audience’s interest. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and your logo design can say a lot more about your brand than you might expect.

At a glance, your logo summarises what your business is about. Think about different shapes and symbols, jagged edges or curves, bold or delicate fonts, or the endless colour combinations possible. Each of these elements helps audiences to piece together the story behind your brand, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Take a look at these two logos from sister brands, Sweet Nectar and Plant Baked. One of these brands is targeted at consumers who are interested in health, wellness and sustainability; while the other offers a more playful, indulgent take on vegan sweet treats. Can you tell which brand is which?

To stand out from the crowd

Many fast food chains use the colours red and yellow as studies have shown these colours can invoke hunger. Even still, the average consumer is unlikely to confuse the McDonald’s logo for Hungry Jack’s, despite their shared target markets and similar menu offerings.

Thoughtful logo design needs to not only appeal to the market you’re targeting, it must distinguish you from the competition. You wouldn’t want someone to have a great experience with your business only to mistake you for someone else, after all!

To build brand trust across the board

On the topic of customer experience, you probably have a go-to brand for at least one product in your life – whether it’s something like your smartphone, favourite jeans, or maybe even that particular brand of pasta sauce your family loves.

We become loyal customers to certain brands or products because we expect the same experience we know and love every time. Loved your last pair of Lorna Jane leggings despite the notable price tag? Come across a totally different product with that same logo? Maybe you’ll try it out since since the leggings were so great!

On the flip side, think about the outrage that comes whenever a tried and true crowd favourite swaps out their old formula for something “New and Improved.” (Yeah, we’re looking at you, BBQ Shapes). Or even consider the public response whenever giants such as Instagram or Facebook change up their look.

The visceral reactions some fans can have is a testament to how powerful brand trust can be. It also goes to show how shocking it can be to consumers when that trust is ‘broken’ in some way.

Your logo establishes the basis for your brand’s visual identity and is a valuable piece of the pie when it comes to creating a well-established brand.

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AUTHOR: Nicole Odviar

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